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The Hundred Beasts Die (百獣、死す Hyakujū, Shisu) is the fiftieth episode of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. It is the third episode of Gaoranger's four-episode endgame, featuring the death of GaoGod and the annihilation of all the Power Animals at the hands of Ultimate Org Senki.


Born from the power of the 3 reborn Org Leaders, the ultimate culmination of evil is born in the form of Ultimate Org Senki, who's desire to rid the world of humans forces the power animals to give it their all to fight back, to give even their lives..


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DVD releases

Gaoranger DVD Vol 12

Gaoranger Volume 12, DVD cover

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Volume 12 features episodes 47-51: Quest 47: The Steam Engine Roars!, Quest 48: Those Guys Return to Life, Quest 49: The Matrix Closes, Quest 50: The Hundred Beasts Die and Final Quest: The Hundred Beasts Roar!!.[1]

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