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The Quantasaurus Rex, often called the Q-Rex, is the individual Zord of the Quantum Ranger. Originally a prototype Zord from Time Force, the Q-Rex was one of the first objects to be sent back in time, but it was lost in time during the Jurassic until recovered by Wes and Eric. Like the Dragonzord it can be controlled remotely, unlike it however it does not seem to have a cockpit, with his commands coming from the Quantum Morpher.

It is powered by Trizyrium Crystals, a technology developed in the future and manufactured from what is considered industrial waste today. Due to its unstable nature, it can often go berserk and out of control as Eric soon found out. The Q-Rex continues to serve Eric.

During the final battle against Doomtron, due to both having Trizyrium Crystals, it caused time portals to open up. During the last part of the battle, Wes, now in command of the Q-Rex due to having the Quantum Morpher, was able to neutralize its crystal to close the portals. Despite this, the Q-Rex still possessed enough power to destroy Doomtron, showing that it apparently possesses more than one power source.


Dinosaur Mode

Its main weapons in dinosaur mode are the Q-Rex Lasers on its back and a giant laser that fires from its mouth. The Time Force Megazord in Mode Red once rode on the back of the Q-Rex as it finished off the enemy. Time Force Megazord Mode Red can ride on the Q-Rex's back, forming "Time Force Megazord Q-Rex Rider" which was used to defeat the Dragontron.

Megazord Mode

When the Quantasaurus-Rex transforms into Megazord form, it undergoes several changes in arsenal. Its dinosaur mode back lasers are replaced by shoulder mounted cryo-units, which are used in the Max Blizzard attack to freeze mutant enemies into stasis. It can also fire its left hand in the Q-Rex Thunder Fist attack, similar to an attack used by the Astro Delta Megazord. Its other weapon is the Q-Rex Missile gauntlet located on its right hand. The final attack, of course, is the aforementioned Max Blizzard.


  • The Q-Rex is also mentioned in the Power Rangers Wild Force episodes Reinforcements from the Future and Forever Red. In the latter, Eric jokingly mentions his Zord could easily defeat Tommy's Dragonzord.
  • The Q-Rex is the first zord belonging to the sixth Ranger to be incapable of combining with at least one other zord in its generation, with nobody even mentioning the possibility of the Q-Rex combining with the Time Flyers or Time Shadow.

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