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"School's out!"
―Strickler's final words before his death alongside Nightmare and Game Face[src]
"Back to School, Rangers!"
―After being hit with the Magna Beam alongside Nightmare and Game Face[src]

Professor Strickler is an classroom-themed monster serving Sledge and later Snide.

Character History

The Professer's homeworld was destroyed by Heckyl a long time ago. Later, he was seen among the cells of Sledge's Ship. Powers from the Past Wishing for a Hero

Professor Strickler is later seen serving Heckyl afterwards the ship's crash while also recapping about what Heckyl did to his planet. When Evil Stirs

His first major apperance is presenting Lord Arcanon with a body switching device. Freaky Fightday


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  • Pencil-themed blaster.
  • Switch Eraser.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Originally, Strickler's name was Teacher on the profile for his toy before his actual name was used.
  • His original scheme was given to Smokescreen, in the US dub, during Dino Charge.
  • During Dino Charge, this monster can be seen among the cells on Sledge's Ship.

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