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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
"I said fight me, I didn't say win"
―Professor Cog's last words before his second death[src]

Professor Cog is a robot from the universe where Corinth is, as seen in Power Rangers RPM.



Professor Cog and an army of Grinders escaped to the present to seek help from Master Xandred in order to level up the water for his boss. He says that he will help them in exchange for taking down the Samurai Rangers. With this plan, Professor Cog plans to wipe out the last people in his time. Scott Truman followed Professor Cog to the present. When Professor Cog attacks Scott, the Samurai Rangers joined the fight. Professor Cog then sends the other Samurai Rangers into a vortex leading to Professor Cog's time while Professor Cog's Hypno-Bolts start to kick in on both Red Rangers causing them to fight. When the Hypno-Bolts kick in, Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread watch Jayden and Scott duel each other. After the effects of the Hypno-Bolts were negated thanks to Mentor giving them a special seal, Jayden and Scott then fought Professor Cog sends Sergeant Tread to attack. After knocking down Sergeant Tread, Jayden and Scott fight Professor Cog until the other Rangers returned. With help from the other Samurai Rangers, Scott Truman and Jayden managed to destroy Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread. Clash of the Red Rangers

Super Megaforce

In Super Megaforce he is somehow rebuilt. He frees the Turbo Falcon Zord from holding, thus triggering a distress signal to the Mega Rangers that led them out to the universe of the domed city of Corinth. By the time the Mega Rangers find out this is a trap, Cog attacks Earth. This puts him in the crosshairs of Prince Vekar. Cog and Vekar battle until to their shock, the Rangers make it back. With the help of the Turbo Falcon Zord, he is destroyed once and for all. In the Driver's Seat

Powers and Abilities

He can attack with Electro-Turbines and Hypno-Bolts.


  • His design differs in his two appearances, having a screwdriver on his left and a wrench on his right hand in Clash of the Red Rangers, and vice versa in In the Driver's Seat.
    • This is due to the costume's arms being swapped when filming for Clash of the Red Rangers. The fact that they are separate Sentai counterparts happens to be coincidence.
  • He is the only villain that fought against both the Samurai and Mega Rangers. Also, he is the only villain from the RPM dimension that managed to get in the main universe, and to do it twice.
    • He is also the only villain from the RPM universe to not appear in the series-run.
  • Also, despite being from the world of RPM, he is seen fighting on-screen with only Scott due to Scott being the only RPM Ranger to appear in Clash of the Red Rangers. Professor Cog is presumably a creation of the Venjix Computer Network that survived Venjix's demise.


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