This article is about a/an changer in Choushinsei Flashman.

Prism Flash (プリズムフラッシュ Purizumu Furasshu): Flashman's transforming device. They transform by shouting "Prism Flash!" When the suit has been formed, they shout "Shut Goggle!" (シャットゴーグル Shatto Gōguru) to close the visors. While the Flashmen themselves are already enhanced due to their previous lives in the Flash system, the suits possess prisms which are the key for enhancing their abilities for combat; when these prisms are removed or destroyed, the suits are useless. Ep. 32: We Like You, We Like You, Mag, We Like You

The brace also works as a communicator and the prism on it can be used for a "Flash" maneuver to blind enemies.

Transformation Sequence


  • The Prism Flash is the first Transformation device whose toy version featured a LED lighting feature.