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Precious (プレシャス Pureshasu) in Boukenger are fictional artifacts that are the focus for each Task (episode) of GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Within the fiction of the show, each of these artifacts is defined as a "Precious" if it is physically or technologically superior to any current human technology. The protagonists of the series, the Search Guard Successor Foundation, are tasked to retrieve these items before any of the various antagonists, the Negative Syndicate, can use the Precious' powers for evil. Each Precious is marked with a different Hazard Level (ハザードレベル Hazādo Reberu) as defined by the S.G.S. Foundation's Accellular devices; a higher number denotes that the item is more dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. After acquiring a Precious, it is kept in a containment device for further research.

Towards the end of GoGo Sentai Boukenger, all of the Precious that had been collected in the Precious Bank are destroyed by the leaders of S.G.S. after the Bank is breached. However, certain other Precious remain intact, such as Zubaan, who withstanded the destruction of the Bank, the Scale of the Salamander, which is currently stored in the Accel Tector, and the emptied Pandora's Box, which was never sent to the bank prior to its destruction.

It is revealed that the Precious are created from the power of the hopes and dreams of the human race.

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