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This article is about a/an list of collectible devices in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Power Discs

List of Power Spheres

Power Sphere 01: Serpent Sword


Serpent Sword

Power Sphere #1. The Serpent Sword is a dragon mini-zord that forms a sword for the Storm Megazord although it was also used once by the Thunder Megazord.

In Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger the Super Sentai counterpart to the Power Rangers Dino Thunder team up with Ninja Storm & Thunder Storm. The Thundersaurus Megazord also uses a golden version of the Serpent Sword though the footage for this attack is never used in Power Rangers.

Power Sphere Combo 01: Flail Combo


Flail Combo

Combination of the Ram Hammer and the Turtle Mace to form a giant flail weapon.

Power Sphere 02: Ram Hammer


Ram Hammer

Power Sphere #2. The Ram Hammer is a yellow goat mini-zord that forms a hammer weapon for the Storm Megazord, and can combine with the Turtle Mace to make the flail combo.

Power Sphere 03: Turtle Mace


Turtle Mace

Power Sphere #3. The Turtle Mace is a blue Turtle mini-zord that forms a mace weapon for the Storm Megazord, and can combine with the Ram Hammer to make the flail combo.

Power Sphere 04: Spin Blade


Spin Blade

Power Sphere #4. The Spin Blade is a plant mini-zord that forms an axe for the Thunder Megazord. It could also combine with the claw from the Thunder Megazord's chest.

Power Sphere Combo 02: Turbine Combo


Turbine Combo

Combination of the Lion Laser and the Squid Drill to form a large drilling turbine weapon.

Power Sphere 05: Lion Laser


Lion Laser

Power Sphere #5. The Lion Laser is a white lion mini-zord that forms a laser gun weapon for the Storm Megazord and can combine with the Squid Drill to make the turbine combo.

Power Sphere 06: Squid Drill


Squid Drill

Power Sphere #6. The Squid Drill is a blue squid mini-zord that forms a drill weapon for the Storm Megazord and can combine with the Leo Laser to make the turbine combo.

Power Spheres 07 & 08: Minizord

Main article: Minizord
Sphere-0708 older version


Power Spheres #7 & #8. The Minizord is a small humanoid zord that enables the Storm Megazord to combine with the Thunder Megazord to make the Thunderstorm Megazord.

Power Sphere 09: Ninja Scarf


Ninja Scarf

Power Sphere #9. Serves multiple purposes. Can be a shield, an offensive throw-weapon or a cloaking device.

Power Sphere 10: Bee Spinner


Bee Spinner

Power Sphere #10. The Bee Spinner is a mini-zord that forms a yo-yo weapon for the Samurai Star Megazord.

Power Sphere 11: Sting Blaster


Sting Blaster

Power Sphere #11. The Sting Blaster is a purple horseshoe crab mini-zord that forms a laser weapon for the Thunder Megazord.

Power Sphere 12: Spider Catcher


Spider Catcher

Power Sphere #12. The Spider Catcher is a mini-zord that forms a grappling hook weapon for the Samurai Star Megazord.

Power Sphere 13: Super Stamp


Super Stamp

Power Sphere #13. The only Power Sphere weapon that is the sphere itself. Leaves destructive imprints on opponents.

Power Sphere 14: Star Blazer


Star Blazer

Power Sphere #14. The Star Blazer is a red starfish mini-zord that forms a shuriken weapon for the Storm Megazord.

Power Spheres 15-17: Ninja Firebird


Ninja Firebird

Power Spheres #15-17. The Ninja Firebird is a firebird mini-zord that enables the Storm Megazord, the Thunder Megazord, and Samurai Star Megazord to combine into the Hurricane Megazord.

In Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, the Ninja Firebird was actually patterned after a condor.

Hyper Sword

The Hyper Zurganezord has an extra Power Sphere named the Hyper Sword.

Hyper Zurganezord

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