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This article is about a/an video game in Power Rangers Wild Force.
Power Rangers Wild Force (video game)
Power rangers will force (gba)
Developer(s): Natsume
Publisher(s): THQ
Release date: 2002
Genre: Action
Game modes: Single player, Multiplayer
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance

[[Category:]]Power Rangers Wild Force is a video game based on the eleventh season of Power Rangers.

Playable characters


In this isometric beat em' up game you select one of six Rangers (Lunar Wolf Ranger isn't playable until you complete the harbor level) as your primary player, then select three back up rangers, who you can summon for additional attack power throughout the level. You fight minor enemies called putrids until you encounter the final boss for that level. Once you defeat the boss for that level, he will grow to giant size, and you select a MegaZord combination and fight the large monster, hitting the A button whenever it appears on the screen (successfully hit all of the flashing A buttons and your MegaZord will launch a special attack). This pattern continues until you finally beat Master Org, and win the game.


  • Megazord, formed from Lion, Tiger, Eagle, Shark, and Bison Zords. Attacks with Animal Spirit Blast.
  • Konga Zord, formed from the Bear, Polar, Eagle, Bison, and Gorilla Zords. Attacks with Heavy Punch.
  • Sword and Shield Mode, formed from the Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Eagle, Bison, and Shark Zords. Attacks with Pachyderm Sword.
  • Spear Mode, formed from the Giraffe, Tiger, Lion, Eagle, and Bison Zords. Attacks with Savannah Spear.
  • Konga Zord Striker Mode, formed from the Gorilla, Bear, Polar, Rhino, and Armadillo Zord. Attacks with Bear Spirit Blast.
  • Megazord Striker Mode, formed from the Rhino, Armadillo, Lion, Tiger, Eagle, and Shark Zords. Attacks with Striker Puck.
  • Clutcher Mode, formed from the Deer, Shark, Eagle, Bison, and Lion Zord, Attacks with Capture Bubbles.

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