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Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, a special edition of Trivial Pursuit was released. For the game, Saban Brands engaged the Power Force, a select group of Power Rangers enthusiasts, to help develop the trivia questions for the upcoming game. Saban Brands received thousands of questions from these 20 Power Force members, and each participant will receive credit in the game. [1]


  • One question states that Forever Red was an episode of Power Rangers Time Force. It is an episode of Power Rangers Wild Force.
    • Numerous other questions also refer to Wild Force as Time Force.
  • One question states that there are three Power Ranger movies at a time before the 2017 movie was announced. This is presumably including Clash of the Red Rangers, which was not a theatrical release, and even aired on the UK's Channel 5 as a regular two-part episode.
  • One question reads: "Who does Kimberly, the Pink Power Ranger, suggest as her replacement in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Two?" This did not happen, Kimberly was not replaced nor suggested a replacement until Season Three.
  • Numerous questions refer to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Turbo The Movie, instead of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.
  • A question asks whether green, pink or Quantum rangers used Mega Battle Armor. Quantum is stated to be correct, but the Green Lightspeed Ranger had a Mega Battle too.
  • A question asks about the name of the first Samurai episode, but this is different in airing and chronological order, making this a trick question.
  • Several questions are about unaired episodes of Megaforce, and are therefore spoilers and/or unanswerable.
  • A question asks which children's magazine revealed the identity of the white ranger prior to his debut in season 3. Tommy became the white ranger in season 2.
  • A question asks what is used to contact the Command Center and the Rangers. Communicator and Gosei Morpher are both valid answers, so this is another trick question.
  • A question asks for three A-Squad Ranger names, but only one, red ranger Charlie, was ever revealed in SPD.
  • Thrax is stated to be from Super Samurai instead of Operation Overdrive.
  • Who says "Force from the future" in SPD? Answer is stated to be Nova Ranger, but Omega Ranger is also correct.
  • Kimberly's Mom is stated to have moved to France in series 2, it was actually series 3.
  • A question said that Dragon Zord(Not to be confused with the Dragonzord) combines with a bulldozer to make the Gosei Tiger Mechazord.
  • One question mixes up the Tiger Jet and the Falcon Zord
  • A question asks whether the Bachiozord [sic], Parasaurzord, or Tricerazord belongs to the Black Dino Ranger. Tricerazord is stated to be correct.
  • A question asks what do Katherine, Tommy, Jason, and Kimberly have in common at the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, but it should be asking about Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.
  • A question asked what equipment do Tommy and Kimberly use to search for Lerigot, when it is Tommy and Katherine who together search for Lerigot.
  • A question asks who Sarah Thompson plays in SPD after having previously played Fran in Jungle Fury. This flip-flops the order of the series.
  • A question states that the Black and Green RPM Rangers have only the Nitro Blaster for a weapon, when they also have a Rocket Blaster and Turbo Axe, respectively.
  • A question states that Master Phant is the only Pai Zhuq master kidnapped by the Phantom Beast Generals, although Masters Swoop and Finn are as well.
  • A question states that Billy did not help to create the Wrist Communicators.
  • A question states that Divatox and General Havoc are brothers, instead of brother and sister.
  • A question states that the Blue Zeo Ranger had a weapon called Sword.
  • One question refers to Johnny Yong Bosch as an original Power Ranger actor.
  • A question states that Bulk and Skull join the Angel Grove Junior Volunteer Police Force in Power Rangers: Zeo instead of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3.
  • A question refers to Thuy Trang as the original Yellow Power Force Ranger.
  • A question states that Maligore is from Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.
  • A question states that the Silver Space Ranger uses an Astro Morpher.
  • A question incorrectly states that the Wizard of Deception sends the Rangers to the Wild West, rather than the Colonial era.
  • A question asks who resides in the Terror Spacecraft, and offers only Omni as an answer, although Emperor Gruumm and Mora/Morgana are also inhabitants.
  • Numerous spelling mistakes.