This article is about a/an iOS game in Power Rangers Samurai.

Character Select screen slides left and right



Power Rangers Samurai SMASH! is a game made for iOS, specifically iPhone. The game gives you Mike as a playable character and you'll need to win levels to gain more rangers, each one with increased speed, strength or health. It features 15 levels with a unique art style never before seen for Power Rangers.

There are three levels that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. A recurring rooftop level (Urban) signifies that the boss at the end would be Rofer. A swampland (Woods) signifies that the boss would be Yamiror. The interior of an old Japanese house (Hideout) signifies that the boss for the level would be Negatron.


  • Classic, side-scrolling beat-em-up gameplay!
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Precise touch-screen controls that are simple to learn but hard to master.
  • Unlockable levels.
  • Unlock five additional rangers. (as of 2.0)
  • Master the ancient Power Symbols of each Ranger via swipe.
  • Achieve top score in the 3 survival modes.
  • Solve puzzles to win the levels.

Updates in 2.0/2.1

  • Easier gameplay
  • Added Gold Ranger unlockable character
  • Rangers now have three lives per level.


Color Character Level
Forest Mike Level 1 (default)
Earth Emily unlock in Level 3
Water Kevin unlock in Level 6
Sky Mia unlock in Level 9
Fire Jayden Shiba unlock in Level 12
Light Antonio Garcia available in v2.0


  • Master Xandred - background character
  • Rofer - Urban levels 1, 4, 7 (black and white ver), 10, 13
  • Yamiror - Woods levels 2, 5, 8, 11 (red ver), 14
  • Negatron- Hideout levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15


  • Samurai Disks - marginally powers up hits (red bar)
  • Power Rangers logo - collecting three allows for a finisher move
  • Medic Pack - builds up health (green bar)
  • Samuraizer - unlocks new Ranger and allows for symbol power practice



Mini Battle Figures

  • The designs for Samurai Smash inspired a set of Mini Battle-Ready/Stylized 2-inch Power Rangers Samurai figures from Bandai America. While they are typically SD, promotions during Toy Fair 2012 explicitly stated them as lifted from the game.