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This article is about a/an opening theme in Power Rangers Samurai.

The Samurai Intro is the opening sequence and song to the 18th season of Power Rangers, titled Power Rangers Samurai. It was used starting from the first episode of the season to the end of Super Samurai. While the song has remained the same, the intro video has changed multiple times, to include the addition of Antonio Garcia and Deker, the various changing Zords, and a special intro for Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie.

In the Halloween special, the opening is not displayed. In the Origins episodes, Antonio and Deker are removed from the intro, and adds a scenes with the demorphed rangers.

The song is a remix of the original Go Go Power Rangers song, with new instrumentation and modified lyrics. It is the first intro song to use any elements from Go Go Power Rangers since the intro to Power Rangers: Turbo.


[Jayden, Mia, Mike, Kevin, Emily:] Samurai forever!
[Jayden:] Huh! -- Jayden.
[Mia:] Huh! -- Mia.
[Mike:] Huh! -- Mike.
[Kevin:] Huh! -- Kevin.
[Emily:] Huh! -- Emily.
(Later episodes:[Antonio]Huh -- Antonio!)
Go Go Power Rangers!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Rangers Together!
Samurai Forever!

Go Go Power Rangers!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Rangers Together!
Samurai Forever!

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