PR Redux

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Power Rangers Redux is an album created by Ron Wasserman and released on October 22, 2012.

The album's tracks feature revised and instumental versions of songs from Power Rangers first four seasons.


  1. Go Go Power Rangers (Redux)
  2. Fight (Redux)
  3. Hope for the World (Redux)
  4. Combat (Redux)
  5. Cross My Line (Redux)
  6. Lord Zedd (Redux)
  7. We Need a Hero (Redux)
  8. Go Green Ranger Go (Redux)
  9. Unite (Redux)
  10. 5-4-1 (Redux)
  11. I Will Win (Redux)
  12. Go Go Power Rangers (Instrumental)
  13. Fight (Instrumental)
  14. Hope for the World (Instrumental)
  15. Combat (Instrumental)
  16. Cross My Line (Instrumental)
  17. We Need a Hero (Instrumental)
  18. Go Green Ranger Go (Instrumental)
  19. Unite (Instrumental)
  20. 5-4-1 (Instrumental)
  21. I Will Win (Instrumental)

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