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This article is about a/an major event/campaign celebrating shows in the Power Rangers franchise.

Monster Madness first poster

Power Rangers Monster Madness is a bracket-style, online voting event focusing on villains. This is in celebration of the NCAA basketball tournament held in March. Fans would vote via Instagram Stories on the official @PowerRangers account. It was first announced as "March Morphin Madness" but later dropped "March" from the title.

Monster Madness followed Power Rangers Morphin Madness and Power Rangers Megazord Madness but differs in format as it does not have a sub site in the Power Rangers website and is native to Instagram.


The villains span all 25 years to find the top “worst of the worst.” Mighty Morphin Power Rangers leads the pack with four villains nominated in the tournament.

Round One

The matchups include:

  • Xandred vs. Divatox
  • Tenaya vs. Ransik
  • Sledge vs. Rita Repulsa
  • Lord Zedd vs. Master Org
  • Ivan Ooze vs. Koragg
  • Goldar vs. Astronema
  • Galvanax vs. Psycho Rangers
  • Diabolico vs. Madame Odius

Round Two

The matchups include: to be added

Round Three

The matchups include: to be added