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Power Rangers Monopoly

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, a special edition of Monopoly was released. Fans were asked to choose one of the playing tokens from a choice of Goldar, a Smoothie or a pair of MMPR boots. Goldar won the vote. The other tokens were later revealed to be a lightning bolt, the White Ranger helmet, Megazord, a Power Morpher, and Alpha 5. [1]

Board Layout

Power Rangers Monopoly game board layout
Free Parking Animarium ($220) Allies Dino Lab ($220) Terra Venture
Rail Rescues
Hartford Mansion ($260) Root Core ($260) Eternal Falls of Aquitar
Power Chamber
Go To Jail
Pai Zhuq Academy
Shiba House
Wind Ninja Academy
Angel Grove Youth Center
Villains Villains
SPD Academy
Strata Cycle
Astro Megaship
Max Solarzord
 ; Gosei's Command Center
The Morphin Grid
Weapons Upgrade
(Pay $75)
Clock Tower
Zordon's Command Center
Jail/Just Visiting Allies Phantom Ranger's Airship
Power Boost
(Pay $200)
Villains ← GO
Collect $200 salary
Rita Repulsa's Palace
Master Xandred's Ship
Warstar Ship
Divatox's Ship
Dark Fortress


  • The main image on the board shows a crowd of Rangers. Unfortunately, there are some who were never adapted as Power Rangers, not even as New Powers. They can be seen on the long shot, serving as the background.[2]