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Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Megaforce items late of 2012 in preparation for the arrival of the series in 2013. All toys in the series include Power Rangers Action Card Game cards styled as Power Cards.

Gosei Morpher

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Bandai's Gosei Morpher is slightly smaller than the TV counterpart. It opens up at the mouth so Power Cards can be placed inside. The Morpher reads the barcodes, and is able to identify which card has been placed inside; Gosei will say different phrases depending upon which card was used.

The Gosei Morpher has three modes:

  • Demo mode: This is the 'try me' function, where Gosei always says "Go Go Megaforce!" regardless of what card (if any) is inserted.
  • On: The "on" mode reads the cards and speaks as if in an episode of the show. So placing a Mega Ranger card will say "Go Go Megaforce!" while placing a weapon card inside will cause Gosei to say, "Summon Battle Gear!" If a Ranger card is inserted from a different season, Gosei will announce the season and color (ex. "Mystic Force Red!")
  • Card Game: In card game mode, Gosei will reveal the power level of cards when used within the Power Rangers trading card game.

4" Action Figures

The Megaforce action figures continues and indefinitely concludes the 4-inch scale line.

  • Red Ranger
  • Pink Ranger
  • Yellow Ranger
  • Blue Ranger
  • Black Ranger
  • Vrax
  • Loogies
  • Robo Knight
  • Power Rangers Pack

ZordBuilder System

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As Megaforce arrived the concept of toy-only zords or vehicles were nearly abandoned, as all the vehicles, cycles and zords were show-inspired. As the show redefines "zords" as Mechazord heads, all ZordBuilder parts had TV-accurate zord parts. Only one Megazord was released - the Gosei Great Megazord. The sixth ranger's Lion Mechazord was released as a Zord vehicle. The Sea Brothers Zords, Sky Brothers Zords, and Land Brothers Zords were all released with hovercrafts that docked them and the Knight Brothers Zords and Ultra Change Zord all came with cycle bodies.

Battle Morphin Power Rangers

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Armored Might Figures

  • Megaforce Red
  • Megaforce Blue
  • Robo Knight
  • Mighty Morphin Red
  • Mighty Morphin White

Role Play

  • Power Ranger Blaster
  • Snake Ax, Tiger Claw and Shark Bowngun Battle Set
  • Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle
  • Robo Morpher
  • Robo Knight Mask
  • Red Ranger Mask
  • Red Ranger Training Set


  • Zord Vehicles With Figures
  • Cycles with Figures
  • Morphin Vehicles


  • Part of the 20th Anniversary Line, the deluxe Shinken-Oh marks the first time that a Japanese Megazord Set has been imported in as part of the the Bandai of America Toyline. Which also marks the return of Deluxe Megazords for the first time since the Jungle Fury Toyline.

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