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Bandai has re-released Action Figures from past Power Rangers series.

  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 1: Auto-Morphin Green Ranger (Tommy), Auto-Morphin White Ranger (Tommy), Turbo Shifting Phantom Ranger, and Action Feature Gold Ranger (Jason)
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 2: Auto-Morphin Red (Jason), Yellow (Trini), Blue (Billy), Black (Zack), and Pink (Kimberly) Rangers.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 3 - Mighty Morphin Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink and Black Rangers.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 4 & 5: Auto-Morphin Zeo Ranger V (Tommy), IV (Adam), III (Rocky), II (Tanya), I (Katherine) and Gold (Jason).
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 6 : Red, Blue, Phantom, Green, and Yellow Turbo Shifter Power Ranger. Pink Ranger was not released in the Heroes Line.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 7 - Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Silver Astro Power Rangers.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 9 - Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Silver lunar Power Rangers. '8' was mysteriously skipped.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 10 - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Magna Defender Lost Galaxy figure.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 11 - Lost Galaxy Fire Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Magna Defender.
  • Power Rangers Series 12 - Light Speed Rescue Red, Blue, Green and V-Max Ranger. Titanium Ranger was labeled V-Max Ranger. The female figures were not included in this release.
  • Power Rangers Heores Seires 13 - Time Force Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Quantum Power Rangers.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 14 - Wild Force Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, and Silver Power Rangers. The Lunar Wolf Ranger was labeled 'Silver.'
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 15 - Ninja Storm Red, Blue, Yellow, Crimson, Navy, and Green Power Rangers. Labels such as 'Crimson' and 'Samurai Star' were not included on these packages. These are the figures released with the Tsumani Cycles.
  • Power Rangers Heroes Series 16 - Dino Thunder Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White and New Power Ranger. Triassic Ranger is labeled as 'New.'
  • Power Rangers Collectible Figures Series 18 - Super Legends Green, Yellow, Red, Dragon Force Red Power Ranger and Solaris Knight

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