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Power Rangers Dino Thunder (video game)

PS2 Coverart.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder is a video game based on the twelfth season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. It was released in 2004.

Game Boy Advance version

Power Rangers Dino Thunder is a side-scrolling fighting game with puzzle solving mini-missions.

Playable characters


The three rangers fight enemies while meeting goals, such as finding ten frozen humans. Black Ranger solves puzzles to free captured Zords. And Megazord battles occur whenever an enemy enlarges to giant size. Megazord levels allow you to customize the Thundersaurus Megazord with weapons formed from other Dino Zords you free in puzzle levels.

Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube version

The rangers pilot their Zords in various missions to save the world from Zeltrax.


Players take control of one of three Zords, Tyrannozord, Tricerazord, or Pterazord in order to free the captive Dinozords, Cephalazord, Parasaurzord, Ankylozord, and Dimetrozord), escort the Brachiozord to various warp points, and destroy alien weapon facilities. Also by collecting morphers, eggs, and crystal icons, players can unlock the zords from Power Rangers: Wild Force and Ninja Storm to play with in the Power Games mode.

Playable characters


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