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Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Show Dino Thunder
Inclusive lines: Deluxe Megazords
Debut year: 2004
Released by: Bandai America
Production Order
Ninja Storm (Toyline)
SPD (Toyline)
Bandai America released a series of 'Power Rangers Dino Thunder items to coincide with the series release.

5" Action Figures

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Deluxe Zords

Main article: Deluxe Megazords
  • Deluxe Thundersaurus Megazord
  • Deluxe Dino Stegazord (comes with Dimetrozord)
  • Deluxe Mezodon Megazord
  • Power Rangers Dinozord set (includes the ParasaurZord, Ankylozord and a Triassic Ranger with two saddles to ride the two Zords)
  • Deluxe Blizzard Force Megazord

Controversially Bandai of America never released a Deluxe Cephalazord. This makes it impossible for fans to completely form the Triceramax Megazord without importing from Japan. The instruction manual for the Mezodon Megazord even displays the combination as one-armed. The reason for omitting such an important figure is unknown, but can it be assumed Bandai of America feared darker colored toys would not be popular.

Role Play Items

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