This article is about a/an compilation in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
It is Volume 1 of Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Ninja Storm

1.Storm Before the Calm, Part 1 (#37)

2. Storm Before the Calm, Part 2 (#38)

Dino Thunder

3. Day of the Dino, Part 1 (#1)

4. Day of the Dino, Part 2 (#2)

5. Wave Goodbye (#3)


James Napier as Conner McKnight (Red Dino Thunder Ranger)

Kevin Duhaney as Ethan James (Blue Dino Thunder Ranger)

Emma Lahana as Kira Ford (Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger)

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver

Jeffrey Parazzo as Trent Fernandez

Ismay Johnston as Hayley Ziktor

Bonus Features