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Common disk

Standard Disc

The Samurai Rangers' Power Discs[1][2] are 'animation' discs that store symbol power for use with the Spin Sword, its various forms and their zords. The Rangers each initially have a Standard disc and a Power Disc Day Off based on their animal zords. There are other discs tied to zords that have been lost before but have been regained. When used with the Spin Sword, the discs are spun and the mirrored hilts reveal each discs animation as the power is summoned.

Samurai Disc

The Samurai Disc [3] is the standard disc seen attached to the Spin Sword for basic attacks. When spun, it transforms the Spin Sword into a ranger's personal weapon. It is also installed onto their zord consoles and spun to start up the zords.

Megazord Shield Disc

When spun during Megazord battles, this disc gives the Samurai Megazord a shield.

Power Discs

Each rangers disc serves two purposes. They power up the Spin Sword with each Ranger's element, as well as serve as attachments to the Rangers' personal weapons, post-transformation.

Lightning Disc

The Lightning disc allows Jayden access to an element adjacent to fire-lightning.


  • Lightning Fury: Jayden's second attack which fires electricity. In order to use this attack, he must attach the Lightning Disc to a Spin Sword.
  • Blazing Storm: A combination of Blazing Strike and Lightning Fury. A second Spin Sword must be used in order for it to be performed.

Auxiliary Discs

The Auxiliary Zords' discs serve to control the Auxiliary Zords. If a Zord's original disk is lost or the Zord falls out of control, a Catch Disc can be powered up with a Ranger's symbol power to bring the Zord back into the fold. They differ in appearance from the rest of the disc by having their symbols embossed instead of printed on.

The auxiliary discs also serve to change the Red Ranger's Fire Smasher into its blaster mode, becoming the enabling disc while the ranger's personal disks serve as projectiles.

The Beetle disc is the first Secret Power disc. There are several Power Discs that have been passed down through the generations.

The Auxilary discs also form part of the body of each of their respective Zords when summoned.

Gold Ranger Discs

Antonio Garcia's first two discs have hinges on them. This sets them apart from the rest of the discs. His Octozord and Claw Zord disks can be used with the Fire Smasher to enable its blaster mode as well.

His Claw Zord also has its own disc and the zord's console has an a spinner housing an oversized disc that controls the Claw Zord's mode changes. These mode changes reflect in the disc that makes up the Claw Zord's morphing head. The OctoZord Disc and the Claw Zord Disc are installed into the Zord Consoles

Super Discs

Certain discs are associated with the Black Box. One is to morph into Super Mode. Another is also used to combine the Samurai Megazord and Claw Zord into Claw Armor Megazord. Super Samurai (episode)The sole command disc is capable of allowing a single ranger to control Samurai Megazord while in Super Mode. Trading PlacesMia used the Samurai Combination disc to form the Samurai Megazord.He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother Lauren used other Super Samurai Combination Discs (with Mega Mode's kanji symbol) to form the Air Strike Combination: Samurai Battlewing.The Great Duel

Shark Disc

The Shark Disc [11] is used to access Shark Attack Mode morphing the Spin Sword into the Shark Sword. It was used (once) with the Nitro Sword to enable it to behave like the Shark Sword.

Once activated it becomes part of the Sword's hilt. An oversized version is seen with the Shark Zord, also controlled by a standard size Shark Sword.

Bull Megazord Discs

The Bull Megazord has a disc assigned to it, as well as the Ultimate Disc that enables Gigazord formation. The Bull and Ultimate discs form the wheels of the BullZord's cart. The Bull Disc is installed into the Zord Console

Light Zord Discs

LightZord has two types of discs, one allows it to transform into a battlezord-type mode, and another is a set of discs used as projectiles while in weapon lantern mode.

Catch Disc

The Catch Disc[15] is infused with symbol power using the Samuraizer or by commanding a zord to assign itself to it.

Bullzooka Disc


The Bullzooka disc allows the Samurai Rangers to activate the Bullzooka and Super Bullzooka.

Shogun Disc

The Shogun disc is inserted into the Shogun Buckle in order to go from Super Mega Mode to Shogun Mode. Lauren's Shiba Fire disc was once able to unlock the Shogun Disc to the point that it had enough power to harness Shogun Mode outside the Megazord cockpits.  Samurai Forever

Shiba Fire Disc

Created by Lauren Shiba, the Shiba Fire disc contains all the fire symbol power of the Shiba Family. When it was destroyed, Lauren made a second one, which she filled with all the symbol power she had left. The Sealing Symbol

The Kanji in the disc is unclear but it appears to have 火人火 (Hibitobi), as written.

Double Disc

This disc was created by Jayden's father, and can double any weapon used. Jayden uses his father's Shiba disc to summon two Fire Smashers.Samurai Forever

The disc has the Kanji 双 (Futa/Sou), meaning double.

Jayden had the Mega Rangers use the disc against Matacore.Samurai Surprise


  • The Bandai Asia toys list the Disks with a "k". Scholastic Publishing's Official Guide to Super Samurai lists Discs with a "c".

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