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This article is about a/an set of morphing implements in Power Rangers (2017), existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
PR 2017 Power Coins

Power Coins

For the original TV version of these items, see Power Coins.

The Power Coins are a set of supernatural crystals of various colors, which are the power sources of the Power Rangers and are used to morph.


The Power Coins were presumably created following the foundation of Power Rangers. Like the rest of Power Rangers' technology, these coins are connected to the Morphing Grid, with the primary function of forming a Ranger's armor around the user so he/she can assume his/her Ranger identity. It is through these coins that the Morphing Grid can determine whether those who touch the coin are deemed worthy for both power and responsibility as a new Ranger or not. If worthy, the Grid will alter his/her physical attributes from the moment he/she touch it, augmenting them to a superhuman level through it as medium.

If the coin's newly chosen owner faces mortal peril not long after being accepted, the Morphing Grid will save the owner's life by teleporting him/her to safely. This is best seen in the case of Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini who all immediately warped to their respective homes to save their life from the car crash. It's unknown whether this ability also applies to other new Rangers, but the Morphing Grid's interference appears to only happen once, as the Morphing Grid didn't immediately save Billy a second time when Rita killed him.

The Power Coins function as a connection between a Ranger and the Morphing Grid. A Ranger can only able to access his/her Ranger form by establishing bonds between his/her fellow Rangers and sheer focus. Apparently, the first morphing also requires Morphing Grid Platforms at the Command Center inside of Zordon's Ranger Ship to ease the transformation process. These platforms also allow access the Grid before being able to morph at will.

It is however, only able to work if the said Ranger truly bonds with his/her fellow Rangers, as displayed by Billy who failed to access his Ranger form when using Morphing Grid Platforms, but accidently awakened it when breaking up the fight between Zack and Jason. While the coins enable a Ranger to assume his/her Ranger form and enhanced her physical attributes, it's implied that the coins also have unique powers which enable the Ranger to do much more, as seen in Rita Repulsa's case who able to create Putties and Goldar with her Green Power Coin. How she able to discover this power and later exploit it remained unclear, as she is the first Ranger who able to do so.



  • So far, only the Green Power Coin has been shown to have unique abilities, such as the creation of Goldar and the Putties. It remains unknown if the other coins give unique powers.
  • Interestingly, Rita was unable to use the powers of her coin until she created a new gold staff to house it. However, the new Rangers were able to use their powers (minus armor) immediately.