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Polluticorn is a winged unicorn monster created by Rita Repulsa's monster maker Finster. Rita sent the monster to Angel Grove to litter and pollute the planet after learning that the Power Rangers Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Billy were organizing a clean-up club in order to rid the city of pollution. The Polluticorn could zap things with his horn, fire lightning from his eyes, and use his wings to blow great gusts of wind. The Rangers confronted him at the Angel Grove Recycling Center. While the other Rangers fought off against Goldar and Scorpina, Jason faced off against the one-horned menace. Jason finally summoned the Dragon Shield to help out. After Jason knocked off Polluticorn's horn, Rita made him grow to enormous size. Polluticorn met his demise when the Megazord destroyed him.

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