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Plague of the Mantis is the 48th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, season 1.


Trini is learning a new style of Kung Fu. Meanwhile, Rita sends down the mighty Mantis monster to challenge and test Trini's new skills, as she is impressed with them. Somewhat impressed but still thinking that Trini's enthusiasm is "dorky" (as usual), Bulk and Skull attempt to create their own Kung Fu style: Cockroach Kung Fu. In the process, however, they are humiliated by everyone else.


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  • Richard Rabago (Master Li) played Tao Chong on the kid show VR Troopers, a show also produced by Saban.
  • Barbara Goodson provided the voice for the Mantis.
  • This is the last episode to have the Season 1 intro without Tommy Oliver.


  • The Putties that surrounded and jumped on Yellow Ranger would mysteriously vanish.
  • During Trini's first fight with the Mantis, the other rangers jump in holding their power weapons. In the next shot, the weapons are gone.