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Pineapple the Clown

Chatacter History

Pineoctopus was a pineapple/octopus monster created by Finster who took the form of Pineapple the Clown. His overall appearance is loosely based on that of a fool or a jester. According to Finster, he personally trained the Pineoctopus before releasing him as Pineapple the Clown. He turned Trini's cousin, Sylvia, into cardboard (she was later restored by Trini and Alpha 5). He could also extend his long vines and use them like whips and launch spheres of energy. He was the only monster to be defeated using the Megazord cranial laser.

Interestingly enough, once his facade as Pineapple the Clown disappeared, he displayed very few clown-like personality traits and only made a single clown pun (while most monsters built on a certain "theme" tend to make many puns). He was however very overconfident in his abilities and once made giant, responded to unfavorable situations with a dismissive "big deal" such as when he was informed that Sylvia was restored or when the Triceratops applied its hooks to bind him.No Clowning Around

Later on, when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were attacked by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated, one of which was the Pineoctopus.Island of Illusion

Powers and Abilities


  • Can turn people into cardboard with special powder
  • Can use tentacles


  • Pineoctopus is destroyed by the Megazord's laser. But in Zyuranger, he is destroyed by Tyranosaurus's attack.
  • This features one of the most thorough battles that involved the individual Dinozords to showcase their abilities. Usually the only individual dinozord attacks we would see (other than laser beams) were the Tyrannosaurus, the Dragonzord, and the Mastodon.
  • Pineoctopus is not seen as part of any monster army in "Countdown to Destruction".

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