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Peter Adrian Sudarso plays Preston, the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and Marvin Shih, the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Hyper Force. He is the younger brother of Yoshi Sudarso.


An actor, Peter Sudarso is the younger brother of Blue Dino Charge Ranger, Yoshua "Yoshi" Sudarso. He is best known for his Internet fame, found on the Apartment210 YouTube channel, Haikus on Hotties project, and collaborations with other YouTubers of Asian descent alongside his brother Yoshi Sudarso.

Peter had recommended Yoshi to producers at Dino Charge. Peter also auditioned, but did not make the cut. Sudarso auditioned again for Ninja Steel and was selected as the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. The selection was kept secret, even from his own brother.

Peter attended Power Morphicon 2016, and was hiding out until the Ninja Steel's cast reveal. Davi Santos the Dino Charge Gold Ranger recalled that Sudarso even dove under a table to avoid being recognized. At the panel where the new cast was introduced, producers presented envelopes with the names of the new cast to be read aloud by the departing cast. An envelope was given to Yoshi, upon reading it, was unable to introduce his brother formally and choked up with emotion. Peter Sudarso walked into the conference room where he was met by his brother who hugged him as the audience cheered. A photograph of the Sudarso Brothers embracing during the reveal went viral.

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  • ABC's Wipeout - June 22, 2014 episode (with brother Yoshi)

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