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This article is about a/an auxillary zord in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


The Parasaurzord is a lime green auxiliary Zord patterned after a Parasaurolophus. It can form a scissor weapon for the Thundersaurus Megazord.

Parasaur Dino Morpher

on the Dino Morpher.

Megazord Formations

Parasaur Final Cut

See also: AbarenOh Rokkiru

The Parasaurzord can combine & create another combination which is the Thundersaurus Megazord Parasaur Final Cut where the tail acts like a pair of scissors which they would cut the enemies to pieces.

Thundersaurus Ankylo Drill/Parasaur Final Cut

See also: AbarenOh Veilus Rokkiru

On the Thundersaurus Megazord, the Ankylozord replaces the Tricerazord as the right arm and the Parasaurzord replaces the Tyrannozord's tail as the left arm, used the Cast Out finishing move, using the Ankylozord's tail like a fishing rod.

Ankylo Drill/Parasaur Final Cut

See also: KillerOh Veilus Rokkiru

When Tommy piloted the Dino Stegazord he activated this combo.

Other Combinations

See Also

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