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""You destroyed my shiny armor! Oh, the shame!""
―Final words before his death[src]

Pangolin is a Rinshi Beast who Holds the spirit of the Pangolin( A Chinese anteater with scales sharper than knives) who rolls upwards and has an supposedly impenetrable shell. He is utilized after the failure and mutiny of the Five Fingers of Poison. He has the ability to feel out fault lines and ground instability. Armed with knowledge gained from this ability he then attempts to create an earthquake to destroy the city. The rangers are forced to learn new techniques to battle him but in the end they prevail, both in ground skirmish by using the Jungle Mace, and in battle with Jungle Pride Megazord, with Master Phant's Elephant Animal Spirit.

Pangolin later partook in the game show "Blow That Dough" where he, Buffalord, and Slickagon competed against the Rangers. He was turned into a ball and kicked away by Camille after he failed to answer a question.Don't Blow That Dough

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