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Out of Luck is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


When Mack is cursed with bad luck by an ancient compass, he must find a way to overcome it. The other Rangers offer their support by providing him with charms they believe to be lucky. But will it be enough to reverse the effects of the curse and stop Moltor's latest scheme to get the jewels?


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  • The original GoGo Sentai Boukenger episode in which this episode was adapted from focused on Feng-Shui which was removed and reworked to focus on Bad Luck.
  • Mack's counterpart Satoru Akashi has a different lucky outfit which caused a lot of scenes to be reshot due to Japan and the United States having different cultures.
  • Unlike Satoru, Mack doesn't catch fire after the role call likely due to safety reasons and FCC rules.

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