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"Intense Heat Throwing Star Combination!"
―Ninninger's combination code[src]

"Ge-ki-a-tsu! Achaaaaaa! Ge-ki-a-tsu! Achaaaaaa! Gekiatsu Dai-Oh! (Ancient Chinese music fanfare fallowed by a "Whachaaaaaa!")"
―Gekiatsu Dai-Oh combination[src]

Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Dai-Oh (ゲキアツシュリケン合体ゲキアツダイオー Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Daiō, lit. "Intense Heat Throwing Star Combination Intense Heat Great King") is the second mecha of the Ninningers.


Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, unlike the rest of the Ninningers' mecha, can be formed without the use of a Nin Shuriken as the Ninningers become the OtomoNin themselves through the possession technique. During the combination, the six OtomoNin chase the Gekiatsu Dai-Oh Shuriken while combining. Genbumaru's back area folds up to reveal a pair of ports, which Byakkomaru and Pandamaru connect to by levitating themselves to them. Genbumaru then turns around, allowing the feet to touch the ground and stand up. Seiryuumaru and Magoimaru then catch momentum via drifting to become the arms, and finally, the Nin Shuriken becomes the head and Hououmaru plugs in to the back.

Gekiatsu Dai-Oh fights without weapons, using rapid punches and kicks to overpower the opponent. Its special moves are:

  • Gekiatsu Fire (ゲキアツファイア Gekiatsu Faia, Intensely Hot Fire): Gekiatsu Dai-Oh fires a large fireball.
  • Gekiatsu Shot (ゲキアツショット Gekiatsu Shotto, Intensely Hot Shot): Gekiatsu Dai-Oh emits projectiles from the AkaNinger, AoNinger, KiNinger and StarNinger emblems that bind the opponent and give them an electric shock.
  • Seiryuu Water's Reflection (セイリュウ鏡花水月 Seiryuu Kyōka Suigetsu, Azure Dragon Water's Reflection): Gekiatsu Dai-Oh makes a circling motion with its right arm, creating a water shield that reflects projectiles. Shinobi 33: The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo
  • Seiryuu Fist (セイリュウ拳 Seiryū Ken, Azure Dragon Fist): Gekiatsu Dai-Oh unleashes a powerful dragon punch. Shinobi 33: The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo
  • Jiraiya Technique (ジライヤの術 Jiraiya no Jutsu): Accessed by AkaNinger using the Jiraiya Nin Shuriken, it allowed Gekiatsu Dai-Oh to channel the power of the statue JiraishinIcon-crosswiki. Used in order to turn the tide against the Advanced Yokai Konakijiji who had piggy-backed onto the robo in an attempt to crush it into the ground, he was repelled by the emission of green flames which made Gekiatsu Dai-Oh too hot for the Yokai to handle. Shinobi 34: Enter Jiraiya, Legendary World Ninja!
  • Stretching Technique (蜿蜿長蛇の術 En'en Chōda no Jutsu): Through the Paonmaru OtomoNin Shuriken, the wings of Hououmaru ignite in flames giving Gekiatsu Dai-Oh the ability to fly above the opponent. Shinobi 45: Three Generations of Fathers and Sons! All Ninjas Gathered

Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's finisher is the Gekiatsu Dai Fever (ゲキアツグダイフィーバー Gekiatsu Dai Fībā, Intensely Hot Grand Fever), where the six Ninningers are launched from the barrels in Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's chest, and they slash the target with enough force to defeat them.

  • A variation of this finisher is the Flying Gekiatsu Dai Fever.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS


The Gekiatsu OtomoNin were created by the Ninningers, under the supervision of Tetsunosuke Saika XXII, in response to most of their OtomoNin almost being destroyed by Kyuemon's Karakuri Kyuubi. Initially they could not figure out how to power them as their other OtomoNin were imbued with souls, a technique they could not master. It was not until they faced a giant Minija that Takaharu proposed powering the OtomoNin by possessing them using advanced Ninpou. Shinobi 32: Extremely Hot Ninja! Acha!

Facing the Poison Arrow Ninja Suzumebachi who had taken a liking to Yakumo, Gekiatsu Dai-Oh earned her fancy as well. Tired of the whole situation, AoNinger personally repelled her with the Seiryuu Water's Reflection amd Seiryuu Fist before the Ninningers performed the Gekiatsu Grand Fever to destroy her. Shinobi 33: The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo

Finding themselves piggybacked by the heavy Advanced Yokai Konakijiji, who threatened to crush them into the ground, the Ninningers used the newly acquired Nin Shuriken of Jiraiya at his urging. Channelling the power of Jiraiya's JiraishinIcon-crosswiki, Gekiatsu Dai-Oh become literally too hot for Konakijiji to handle, thus forcing him off, allowing the Ninningers to destroy him with the Gekiatsu Grand Fever. Shinobi 34: Enter Jiraiya, Legendary World Ninja! The Ninningers would later repeat this tactic to repel the Advanced Yokai Oumukade who was constricting them before destroying him with the Gekiatsu Grand Fever as well. Shinobi 35: Kinji Enters the Yokai Labyrinth!

Struggling to prevent the Advanced Yokai Oboroguruma piloted by Masakage Tsugomori from flattening them with his roller, the Ninningers formed Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh for the first time as AkaNinger got the idea to combine Gekiatsu Dai-Oh with Lion Ha-Oh and Bison King. Evading Oboroguruma's roller, Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh engaged in a chase with the Giant Advanced Yokai, culminating with it destroying the roller using its cannons, allowing the Ninningers to destroy him with the Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Closing Shot. Shinobi 36: Kinji, the Glorious Super Star

Briefly eluded by the teleportation ability of the keyboard-themed Yokai Mokumokuren, achieved through his space key, Gekiatsu Dai-Oh was able to destroy him with the Gekiatsu Grand Fever when UFOmaru was summoned from space to restrain him. Shinobi 37: Shuriken Legend ~The Road to Last Ninja~

Immediately forming Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh to face the giant Yokai Amikiri, the Ninningers, led by Chozetsu AoNinger, easily overcame his Scissor Cutter onslaught with the Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Bomber before quickly finishing him with the Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Closing Shot. Shinobi 38: The Witch Girl Loves Yakumo?

Comandeering Shurikenjin single-handed against Mangetsu Kibaoni, Kasumi was backed-up by the other Ninningers in Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. Following Mangetsu's routing, Gekiatsu Dai-Oh struck the leftover quartet of Gashadokuro with the Seiryuu Fist, leaving them open for Shurikenjin to destroy them with its successive finishers. Shinobi 39: Kibaoni's Son, Mangetsu Appears!

Engaging the Super Advanced Yokai Shuten-douji in Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, the Ninningers were put in a pinch when he used his Blackout Drunk Turncoat ability to force Lion Ha-Ojo into attacking them then seizing Shurikenjin and Bison King by calling them to combine into Ha-Oh Shurikenjin, which was comandeered by Mangetsu Kibaoni. Briefly ejecting Shurikenjin to strike Gekiatsu Dai-Oh with the Splendid Slash, Mangetsu proceeded to defeat the Ninningers' with Ha-Oh Shurikenjin's Ha-Oh Mangetsu Buster, formerly known as the Ha-Oh Splendid Buster. Shinobi 41: The Five Games of the Kibaoni Party! Ejected from the crippled Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, the Ninningers were forced to flee as Tsumuji called in Tetsunosuke to repair it. It was restored in time for the final battle with Mangetsu as he enlarged himself, joining the fight against Shuten-douji with Shurikenjin, piloted by Yoshitaka, Tsumuji, and Shishi-Oh, which was combined with Bison King and Lion Ha-Oh once they were freed by Paonmaru, UFOmaru and Surfermaru. Fighting alongside Ha-Oh Shurikenjin, Gekiatsu Dai-Oh destroyed Shuten-douji with the Gekiatsu Grand Fever. Eventually, Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Da-Oh was formed and assaulted Mangetsu along with Shurikenjin utilizing the three auxilary OtomoNin. Ultimately, Mangetsu was finally destroyed by the Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Closing Shot. Shinobi 42: OtomoNin Wars! Nekomata Strikes Back


OtomoNin Hououmaru

OtomoNin Hououmaru (オトモ忍ホウオウマル Otomo Nin Hōōmaru, lit. "Companion Ninja Fenghuang Circle") is a Fenghuang-themed OtomoNin designed by Takaharu. It forms the headdress of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS

OtomoNin Seiryuumaru

OtomoNin Seiryuumaru (オトモ忍セイリュウマル Otomo Nin Seiryūmaru, lit. "Companion Ninja Azure Dragon Circle") is a dragon-themed OtomoNin designed by Yakumo. It forms the right arm of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS

OtomoNin Genbumaru

OtomoNin Genbumaru (オトモ忍ゲンブマル lit. "Companion Ninja Black Tortoise Circle") is a tortoise-based OtomoNin designed by Nagi. It forms the chest, torso, waist and thighs of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. It also forms Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's head during the Ho-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh formation.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS

OtomoNin Byakkomaru

OtomoNin Byakkomaru (オトモ忍ビャッコマル lit. "Companion Ninja White Tiger Circle") is a white tiger-based OtomoNin designed by Fuuka. It forms the right leg of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

Appearances: Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS

OtomoNin Pandamaru

OtomoNin Pandamaru (オトモ忍パンダマル lit. "Companion Ninja Panda Circle") is a panda-themed OtomoNin designed by Kasumi. It forms the left leg of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS

OtomoNin Magoimaru

OtomoNin Magoimaru (オトモ忍マゴイマル lit. "Companion Ninja Black Carp Circle") is a black carp-based OtomoNin designed by Kinji. It forms the left arm of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 32-39, 41, 42, 45, 47, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS


Nin Shuriken

Otomonin 11

Otomonin Shuriken: Gekiatsu

OtomoNin Shuriken: Gekiatsu (オトモ忍シュリケン・ゲキアツ Otomo Nin Shuriken - Gekiatsu) - Created from six Sealing Shuriken when the Ninningers developed their new OtomoNin. There are six copies of this Shuriken. This Shuriken is marked with the kanji for "heat" ( Netsu).

  • Allows the Ninninger who uses it to transform into an OtomoNin. Also completes the helmet for Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.


  • Pandamaru marks the second time a Pink Senshi fights using a Panda themed mech (the first being the Panda Ressha used by ToQ 5gou)
  • Like Shurikenjin and Bison King, this mecha shares similarities to past mecha:
  • Hououmaru having a Fenghuang-like motif might be from a misunderstanding about the Chinese culture. Technically, it should be a Vermilion Bird-like motif instead of Fenghuang.
  • This is the first time that a Sixth Ranger's mecha is a primary component of a regular robo.
    • This is actually acknowledged by Kasumi in the first episode this mecha is used in.
  • Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's fighting stance bears some resemblance to Street Fighter, a fighting game developed by Capcom.
  • This marks one of the first times in a while, where the main body is not formed by Red's mech.
  • Part of the announcement song for Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh is from Dies Irae.


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