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Osen (オーセン, Ōsen, 27): Osen is a tech-sorceress from the Junk World (ジャンクワールド, Janku Wārudo), a Braneworld that resembles a junkyard due to Osen's invention that can multiply garbage and alters any organic being to possess the same attributes as scrap metal. She assumes a human form named Osen (お仙, Osen) when she is deceived by Kitaneidas into thinking that her own Braneworld was in danger by an invasion from the Human World and decides to use her machine to give Gaiark the advantage. But after meeting Hant and seeing his kindness, Osen reverses her machine's polarity to turn the tables for the Go-Onger before returning to her own dimension. Her name is from the Japanese word for "pollution" (汚染, Osen).

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