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Orion Rising is the twelfth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, continuing the Lights of Orion and the Magna Defender arcs.


After Maya eats a cake Kendrix baked for Damon, unknowingly, Maya and Kendrix have an argument which escalates into a fight. Scorpius sends the Destruxo monster to Terra Venture to find the Lights of Orion. Destruxo creates a force field so he can search undisturbed, but Maya and Kendrix get trapped inside. When the girls break the force field and save themselves and the others inside, the Lights of Orion rise into the air and soar off into space.


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  • The two little girls Kendrix talks to when everyone is losing consciousness look like Kendrix and Maya, helping her to realize her anger was misplaced.
  • When Leo calls the Galactabeasts, for a moment when the condor is shown, it is blue, and the gorilla looks green.
  • Scorpius, Treacheron & Trakeena don't appear in this episode.

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