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Orion Returns is the thirteenth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. It continues the Magna Defender arc and concludes the Lights of Orion arc.


The Lights of Orion return and the Rangers, Destruxo and the Magna Defender are intent on getting them. When Destruxo captures the Lights, Trakeena sends the Impostra monster to disguise herself as Treacheron and gets the Lights. Magna Defender appears and blasts the Lights out of Destruxo's body and they are suddenly infused into the Rangers. The Rangers morph into Power Up Mode and are able to destroy Destruxo.


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  • When Impostra references Destruxo for the first time, she incorrectly calls him "Destructo."
  • Leo calls Damon by David.


  • This marks the final appearance of Impostra.
  • Kai said 'Another One Bugs the dust' as he changes the bites into Bugs references to a rock band Queen.

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