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This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce
PRSM Orion
Super Megaforce Silver
Gender: Male
Season: Super Megaforce
Color(s): Silver
Homeworld: Andresia
First Appearance: Silver Lining
Last Appearance: Legendary Battle
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Actor: Cameron Jebo
The Gokaiger's newest member

Orion is Super Megaforce Silver. He is an alien from the planet Andresia, who crash-lands on Earth after his home planet was destroyed by the Armada. He later joins the Super Mega Rangers.

Character History

Early life

Orion was a miner on his home planet Andresia. He lived with his family at a village. One day during a mining session, he came across a hard crystal case which contained a box and the Silver Ranger Key. That was when Orion received visions of the Sixth Rangers. Knowing they were trying to tell him something, he still hesitated to use the equipment.

A week later, the Armada attacked, scattering the people of Andresia. An Armada ship then attacks a village, which was actually Orion's village. Fearing for his family's safety, Orion runs home, only to find his village destroyed. Wanting revenge, he succeeds in morphing into the Silver Ranger.

Andresia destroyed.

Orion stayed homeless for months, using that time to train and survive the invasion of the Armada. At this time, only a couple of Armada Ships guarded Andresia. Orion uses this chance to slingshot a ship, making it crash and killing the pilot. It took Orion a long time to fix the Armada ship. Once he did, he headed out for outer space, and crash lands on Earth.

Orion space ship
Orion arrives on Earth.

On Earth

He has been going around, taking out all the XBorg platoons that have been attacking the Warehouse District and Downtown. When it comes to the attack on the center of the city led by Gorgax, Orion shows up to help fight the XBorgs.

To survive in his new home planet, Earth, Orion works part-time at Ernie's. Gia got a first sight of him when they both accidentally bump into each other.

Orion later watches the Megaforce Rangers fight Gorgax with them being unaware that Levira has placed a bomb in his forcefield collar. Orion, in his Silver Ranger form, interferes before they can set off the bomb. After Orion throws Gorgax's collar into the sky where it explodes, Orion destroys Gorgax and introduces himself to the Rangers, but Gia recognizes him from having seen him in the mall and at Ernie's previously. Orion identifies himself to the rangers and tells his story.

He later is brought to Gosei where he continues to tell his backstory. Later, thinking he needs work, Gia and Emma bring him to the mall for a makeover. He gets a haircut, and new clothes. Later, he battles Osogain with the rangers. He defeats him, which Osogain enlarges. Gosei then grants Orion the Q-Rex Drill, which he uses its alternate modes to defeat Osogain once and for all.

Unknownst to Ernie, Ernie introduces Orion to the rangers, which then they treat him well. They ask to do stuff with him on Sunday. Orion promises them they will get the chance, and serves them their frozen yogurt.

Super Megaforce Silver

Super Megaforce Silver

Super Megaforce Silver is Orion's first and default/base Ranger form. It is from this form that he transforms into other rangers of the past.



Gold Samurai Ranger

Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode

Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode [1] is Orion's enhanced form, his personal power-up. It is from this form that he gains the strength of the Sixth Rangers of the past. He transforms with the aid of a gold anchor key (yet unnamed), which is a combination of fifteen Sixth Ranger Keys.

Ranger Key

Gokai Silver Ranger Key
The (Super) Megaforce Silver Ranger Key.

The Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Key is Orion's personal Ranger Key which allows him to morph into (Super) Megaforce Silver. As with the other Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, this key is commonly used in the Super Mega Rangers' Ranger Key-compatible arsenal and zords for different functions and attacks. Unlike the other keys, it was thought to have been destroyed.


  • Portions of the scripts (casting sides) for the role of Megaforce Silver indicated his name was to be Zador. [2]
  • In May 2013, RangerCrew was able to confirm that Cameron Jebo, initially a contender for Troy's role, was cast as Megaforce Silver. [3]
  • Similar to the original Silver Ranger, Zhane, and the Silver Ranger of the previous anniversery, Tyzonn, Orion is an extraterrastrial being.
  • Prior to his debut in Silver Lining, Orion made a cameo on Noah's computer screen changing into the Mercury Ranger in Earth Fights Back.
  • He seems to be the opposite of Gai Ikari, as Gai was the only human on a team of aliens, Orion is the only alien with a team of humans.
  • The language that his people speak is called Andresian. Tensou can speak it as well. Silver Lining (pt2)
  • He seems to have super speed, unless it is just a part of his Ranger powers.

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