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This article is about a/an organization in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

The Order of the Claw or Pai Zhuq, is a martial arts discipline that trains students and their animal spirits. Casey, Theo and Lily, the Jungle Fury rangers originally belonged to the Pai Zhuq academy before their master, Mao sent them to train under another master upon his 'death'. The order maintains a legacy of three warriors to guard against Dai Shi should they ever return. Unfortunately, one of the students of the school, Jarrod, released it accidentally and was possessed by its spirit. Its teachings are later passed on to the Mega Rangers after Pai Zhuq master Casey Rhodes teaches them.


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  • Although the official spelling is Pai Zhuq, the pronunciation of the order's name is closer to the Chinese 派爪, romanized as Pai Zhua, which can be understood as "school (of the) claw"


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