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"I am but a humble ninja serving his one true Master"
―Onikage to Mandilok revealing his allegiance[src]

‘’’Onikage’’’ (which translates to Demon Shadow) is a ninja Duke Org.

This devious ninja Duke Org was sent by Master Org to prepare for his arrival by killing the people he believed to be traitors of Master Org. He was believed to be in service of Mandilok, but secretly caused Toxica's death and then betrayed Mandilok as he had him trapped for the Master Org to kill the traitorous Org General. He then went to kill the third traitor, Jindrax, however Jindrax used a mirror which caused a shadow of Onikage to appear causing Onikage to battle his own shadow which led to his death. He fought the Rangers with different abilities, once spawning shadows of his opponents, which when the Shadow Rangers were hit, so were the real Power Rangers. However, when he tries to duplicate Jindrax, Jindrax reflects the spell with Toxica's mirror. Taking advantage of this, Cole destroys Shadow Onikage with the Falcon Summoner. Before dying, Onikage commends Cole on his ninja-like move. Master Org resurrects Onikage who transports the Rangers to a Spirit World, but the Wild Zords come on their own and form the Pegasus Megazord which destroys him.


  • His name is a combination of Oni, a Japanese demon and Kage which is the Japanese word for shadow.
  • Likewise, it can also mean Ox Shadow.

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