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One Gets Away is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. This episode reveals the third jewel, the Blue Sapphire.


Will loses the third jewel to Kamdor and is prepared to resign for it and Andrew Hartford surprisingly accepts. Meanwhile, the Fearcats attempt to retrieve a super armor. Spencer also must remind Andrew of his losing the crown.


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  • When the Rangers yell to Rose to stop, Tyzonne is behind Mack and Dax. But, when Mack tells Rose there is no 'a little more', Tyzonne is next to Dax.
  • When it is time to call the zords. Mack tells Spencer to "send them all". All of the zords are sent except the Sonic Streaker.


  • Miratrix asks Will why he always seems to be the one stuck with her and Kamdor. This is a direct reference to Will playing double agent against the duo in the episode "Both Sides Now" and a subtle fourth wall break as Will is usually the one fighting Kamdor due to the conflict between their Sentai counterparts.
  • Spencer tells Will "once a ranger always a ranger" which, coincidentally, is a motto in the series that spawned the title of the two-part teamup episode that followed directly after this one, "Once A Ranger".

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