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On Fins and Needles is the 56th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1)


Jason and Tommy are teaching yet another martial arts class together. Rita Repulsa sends the Slippery Shark to put a spell on the two. The spell turns them into enemies. The Rangers have to find a way to stop the two from fighting.


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  • Billy's fear of fish from "Something Fishy" is mentioned.
  • The Slippery Shark will appear again in "A Reel Fish Story", but is referred to as Shark Monster.
  • For the second episode in a row, during the "log on" sequence, it is Trini and not Kimberly who logs on with a phrase related to the enemy of the day ("Let's fry this fish!").
  • One of the students who Tommy and Jason are training at the start of this episode is named Melissa, sharing the same name as Kimberly's deaf friend back in "Different Drum".
  • This was the first time a monster places a spell on two rangers to ruin their friendship, something that would be repeated in the future.


  • The image of Tommy and Jason high-fiving on the Viewing Globe is mirror-flipped (as evidenced by the Blade Blaster and Dragon Dagger holsters being on the wrong side).
  • Jason calls the Power Blaster the Mega Blaster. Similarly the Megazord's Power Sword was called the Mega Sword earlier in the season.