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Olympius Ascends is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. This marks the first appearance of Olympius.


Impus completes his transformation into Olympius, who has captured four Rangers, and infiltrates the Aquabase by posing as them. His plot is uncovered by Carter, who weakens him with water, and frees his friends.


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  • Olympius makes his chronological debut here, while already appearing in Power Rangers In 3D.
  • This episode is very similar to "Destined for Greatness" from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy where Impus capturing the Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Lightspeed Rangers is very similar to the Skelekron Monster capturing the Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Lost Galaxy Rangers.
  • When Olympius is disguised as a Ranger, the skin tone is always paler with red bags under the eyes as a visual cue that he is an impostor.

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