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""Force from the Future! S.P.D. Nova Ranger!""
―S.P.D. Nova Ranger's roll call[src]

The S.P.D. Nova Ranger is Sam's comrade from the future.

Nova is voiced by Antonia Prebble while her human form was portrayed by an uncredited actress.

Character History

Final Battle

During the final battle against the invading Troobian Forces, when Omega Ranger was having a difficult time, a Time Portal opened up and Nova emerged from it. Nova Ranger came from the year 2040, just like Omega Ranger. She worked together with Omega Ranger to help hold off the Krybot Army as their teammates fought Grumm.

After the battle was won, Nova and Sam attended the B-Squad's promotion, and soon enough a Time Portal opened up once more, allowing Nova and Sam to return to the year 2040, where they now remain.



Ranger costume


  • Her Dekaranger counterpart, Lisa Teegel was a very different character in her series. Lisa was Tekkan Aira/DekaBreak's no nonsense mentor.
  • She's the first female Silver Ranger followed by Gemma in RPM.
    • She is also the only Silver Ranger that was never named on-screen.
  • Her uniform bears the roman numeral: 'M' which is '1,000'.
  • In the Japanese dub, Nova is voiced by Shizuno Ito.
  • In the S.P.D. finale (Endings Part 2), both Sam and her were addressing each other as Omega and Nova, suggesting that Omega could also be Sam's surname, as well as his Ranger designation, where Nova could be Nova Ranger's code-name. However, due to RPM 's release, this is possibly not the case, and is just a simple case of referring to each other by their designations.
  • Antonia Prebble, Nova Ranger's voice actress, would later play Clare in the next series, Mystic Force. But the stand-in actress in the final episode is unnamed.
  • She is the only Ranger to appear in 1 episode, and never include any reference of her besides that episode. She followed by Albert in Dino Charge, but the characters of that season later made a reference of him.
  • She is the only ranger to debut in a season's final episode.


Ranger Key

DekaBright Ranger Key

Nova Ranger's Key

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