This article is about a/an morphing device in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
"Power Star, Lock In! Ready! Ninja Spin!"
―Morph call[src]

The Ninja Battle Morpher is a combination transformation device and weapon used by the Ninja Steel Rangers. To morph, they must lock their Ninja Power Stars into the middle and spin them. There is a golden variant of the morpher, used by Ninja Steel Gold Ranger.[1]


To transform, a Ninja Steel Ranger inserts a Power Star, then spin it, and shout Ninja Spin.

Attack Mode

The Ninja Battle Morpher is able to double in size and change into three different Attack Modes, all marked with their respective kanji: Blade Mode, a short sword; Bow Mode, which allows any Ranger to fire energy arrows; and Claw Mode, a tri-claw designed for swift stabs.

Finishing Strike

To activate the finisher, a Ninja Steel Ranger needs to place a Power Star into the middle of the weapon, making the weapon enter the Hyper Mode, allowing the weapon to unleash an attack, depending on which mode it was in, "Hyper Blade Slash", making the blade glow the same color as the Ranger wielding it, "Hyper Arrow Blast", making it fire an arrow glowing in the same color as the Ranger that fired it, or "Hyper Claw Shred", making the claws glow the same color as the Ranger wielding it.



  • It was originally announced as the Ninja Star Morpher at Power Morphicon 2016.
  • The morpher mode prop is actually the Japanese toy release. Thus, one is not actually able to spin the Ninja Power Stars in place. The Power Rangers version of the toy, however, can be spun and includes the Blade and Claw Modes. It does not include a Bow Mode per se, but the blades of the toy could be arranged to look like a bow; however, the handle used for the bow cannot be pulled back.


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