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This article is about a/an actor in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Nico Greetham plays Calvin, the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


Nico first started dancing at the age of 8, after trying many sports such as soccer, baseball, and track. He trained for five years at Strictly Rhythm Dance Company in Franconia, Virginia. He graduated from Osbourn Park High School.

Nico first auditioned for season 10 in Memphis, Tennessee. He later became a contestant. His genre was Contemporary. He was eliminated on August 13, 2013. After his elimination, he made his Broadway debut in the cast of Newsies. In the show, he played Jojo and Darcy until the show's end in August 2014. Nico has since made guest spots on Glee, the national tour of Newsies, and models for Urban Dance Wear. Though not present at Power Morphicon 2016, Greetham later announced on social media that he had been cast in Ninja Steel as the Yellow Ranger, replacing actor Chantz Simpson.

Personal life

  • Nico is fluent in Spanish and is part Colombian.
  • Nico loves Dunkin' Donuts and sushi!
  • Nico is native to Virginia
  • He used to be a gymnast. 
  • He played soccer growing up.



  • So You Think You Can Dance (2013)


  • From Within (2008)
  • Marked (2013)

In Archive Footage

  • to be added


  • He is the first replacement Yellow Ranger in the Neo-Saban era. The second replacement for a Yellow Ranger, as far as casting and playing the same character goes. The situation is similar to Mighty Morphin' when Audri Dubois was cast as Trini and filmed the pilot. She was later replaced by Thuy Trang, who appeared in the first episode aired. While Chantz Simpson nor Saban Brands revealed why Simpson was let go, the failure to secure a SAG/AFTRA union contacts for Simpson is most likely.

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