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This article is about a/an location in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

Newtown Elementary School (ニュータウン小学校 Nyuutaun Shogakkou?) (also known as Newtown Elementary or New Town Elementary) is an elementary school where the five Hoshikawa siblings worked on staff prior to the invasion of the Silver Imperial Army Zone. The eldest, Gaku, worked as a botany and science teacher; second-eldest Ken as a phys-ed teacher; middle child Kazumi as a math teacher; elder twin Remi as a music teacher, and younger twin/youngest child Fumiya in language and calligraphy. It is within close reach to the Hoshikawa's home of Magma Base.

When Zone arrived on Earth 20 years after destroying a settlement of the Hoshikawa family on planet Sidon, they attack the school as soon as a flower similar to the one Hoshikawa patriarch Hiroshi had cultivated blossomed on Earth, similar to its bloom on the dead Sidon lead to its attack. With the siblings clearing out the school as best as possible, Zone's forces destroy the facility, leading to them to begin using their devised technology to become Fiveman and fight back against the group.Ep. 1: The Five Sibling Warriors

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