This article is about a/an Nighlok Monster in Power Rangers Samurai.

Negatron is a three-eyed Nighlok with a smart mouth and a unique battle style: tormenting his foes to a series of insults that are so harsh that the emotional pain becomes physical. His insults however, have no effect on Emily, as she has long since taught herself not to let insults hurt her. He is not a very good fighter and relies heavily on his 'insult' powers.

Negatron later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven. Party Monsters


"You lame-brain louses! You just turned me into a Mega Monster!"
―After turned into a Mega Monster.[src]
"My insults backfired!"
―Final words before his death[src]


  • Negatron appears in Power Rangers Samurai SMASH! as one of the three recurring bosses. His attack involves laughing at the Ranger fighting him. The sonic waves from the laugh takes up the half of the screen where he is situated.
  • Negatron's name alone is likely a pun on the Transformers villain Megatron.
  • The insults to injure his victims were:
    • Mike - Negatron humiliates Mike by remarking that his bike had training wheels until he was ten years old.
    • Kevin - Negatron called Kevin "boring", and later called him "Mentor's little pet".
    • Mia - Negatron called Mia a "lousy cook".
    • Jayden - Negatron called Jayden a liar whom was hiding a secret.
    • Bulk and Spike - Negatron called them "Samurai wannabes", and finishes off by adding, "You guys are jokes!"

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