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This article is about a/an character in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

Navigator Robo Tac (ナビゲーターロボタック Nabigētā Robo Takku) is a robotic owl who transmits the launch of the TimeJets. He has a database on all Londers Criminals. Tac was given information on many of the events that were intended to happen in the year 2000, though when things began to occur that he was not given data on (such as the appearance of V-Rex and TimeFire), Tac began to question his usefulness. It was not until Sion disabled a chip that had been preventing Tac from making his own decisions, and convinced him that he was not worthless, that Tac felt confident in himself again. Can detect Space-Time Pulses and will help the team in making plans.

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