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Navi (ナビィ Nabyi) is a robotic parrot who serves the Gokaigers in navigating the Gokai Galleon through space to the location of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, possessing a form of fortune telling that provides cryptic hints as to where the Greatest Treasure in the Universe may be found on Earth by hitting herself in the head anywhere of the Gokai Galleon. Her hints regularly cause confusion among the crew, but soon the message becomes clear. Navi's fortunes helps them unlock the full potential of the 34 Super Sentai of the past. Marvelous calls her "Bird", which she dislikes.


Navi originally belonged to AkaRed, possibly constructed by him, before he left her with Captain Marvelous after saving his life and giving him the Ranger Keys, he told him to find the Greatest Tresure in the Universe. Navi traveled with Marvelous on the Gokai Galleon, they later met Joe Gibken, Don Dogoier, Luka Millfy, Ahim de Famille and Gai Ikari formed the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Navi confirmed to the crew that Earth was the location of the treasure. Earth was the target invasion by the Space Empire Zangyack after their first failure in the Great Legend War. The Gokaigers fought off an attack on Earth after their initial arrival, and soon, engagements with Zangyack would become common. Ep. 1: The Space Pirates Appear

Navi's next clue was that a man dressed in black would tell them something good, initally believed to be a young boy. Ep. 2: The Worth of this Planet However, it turned out to be Kai Ozu (MagiRed). He helped Marvelous and Doc unlock the full power of the Magirangers, and revealed to them that if they unlocked the power all 34 Super Sentai teams, they would find the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. The team apologized to Navi for not believing in her, and she bounced off them around the room, calling them "meanies". Ep. 3: Changing Courage into Magic

Navi's next fortune told them to look towards police for their next clue to obtain the Greatest Treasure. This resulted in Marvelous teaming with Anubian Chief Doggie Kruger (DekaMaster) to foil Buramudo's plot for the Zangyack to oversee their plot to launch subterranean missiles to destroy every city on Earth. Ep. 5: Judgement Pirates

Navi later told them to find the "tiger child", this turned out to be Jan Kandou (GekiRed). Ep. 7: Niki-Niki! Kenpō Lesson

Navi advised that the Gokaigers to look for a island in the sky. Ep. 8: Little Spy Tactics This resulted in them finding the island of Animarium, they soon unlocked the true power of the Gaorangers (GaoLion) with the help of Kakeru Shishi (GaoRed). Ep. 9: Lion, Run

With Navi's next clue being "Sa-mu-r-aa-i", the Gokai Galleon crew sought out a kendo club until they were approached by a girl who claims to be the samurai known as Shinken Red. Ep. 11: The Serious Rebellion


Navi dreaming that she was a car, Go-Onger style.

Navi later had dreamed of being a car, crashing after driving so fast. After waking up, she immediately warned the Gokaigers to mind the traffic laws, this piece of advice led them to Kyosuke Jinnai (Red Racer), which eventually resulted in them unlocking the full power of the Carrangers. Ep. 14: Now More Road Safety

Navi's dream may give an insight into how she discovers her predictions.

After Gai Ikari suddenly appeared to the Gokaigers, revealing himself to be Gokai Silver, Navi directed him to find his first three Greater Powers, knowing it was held by three particular Sentai heroes. Ep. 18: The Big Abare with the Dinosaur Robot Drill

Soon after, Navi alerts the crew of searching for "a lost forest". Having a book on him, Gai immediately identifies it as the home of the Gingaman, where they would encounter Ryouma and Hyuuga. Ep. 20: The Lost Forest

Navi only failed one prediction, and that was in regards to the final Greater Power, the one belonging to the Kakurangers. which is suppose to be lost forever until Gokaigers' time travel. Ep. 45: The Confused Ninja

It's later be revealed by Basco that Navi is the door to the Greatest treasure of the Universe, due to the fact Navi is a perpetual motion machine that stays active without taking any energy. Navi eventually changes into a door and led the Gokaigers to the center of the Earth, the location of the Greatest treasure of the Universe.


  • Navi's gender is undefined and is left up to the viewers interpretation. In the show they use ambiguous pronouns when referring to Navi.
  • Whenever Navi bangs itself, like when birds fly around peoples' heads in cartoons, three smaller versions of Navi fly around Navi.
  • Navi gains a bounty of Z=50 after assisting in Marvelous' escape from execution. Ep. 44: A Lovely Christmas Eve
  • Navi's name is short for navigator.


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