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This article is about a/an Mecha in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
Mystic Runner
Number: 15
Pilot: Gosei Red
Sentai: Tensou Sentai Goseiger
First Appearance: Epic 13: Run! The Mystic Runner
Last Appearance: Epic 31: Never Give Up, Goseigers!
Number of Episode
5 (Goseiger)
Full list of appearances
Length: 22.4 m
Width: 13.8 m
Height: 25.4 m
Weight: 400 tons
Speed: 800 km/h
Power: 2,000,000
Egg Headder
Length: 7.8 m
Width: 7.8 m
Height: 11 m
Weight: 100 tons
Speed: n/a
Power: 500,000

Mystic Brothers (ミスティックブラザー Misutikku Burazā?): The Mystic Brothers are a duo consisting of the ostrich-like Mystic Runner (ミスティックランナー Misutikku Rannā?) and the Egg Headder (エッグヘッダー Eggu Heddā?). To attack, the Mystic Runner kicks the Egg Headder at enemies like a soccer ball and can also fire energy bolts from its beak.


When the Goseigers' were being overpowered by the combined strength of Buredoran and Powereddark, a miracle called upon the Mystic Brothers to come to the assistance of the Goseigers. At first the Gosiegers were taken back by this new Headder because they didn't think of an ostrich as being particularly heroic or strong,but after it singly handily defeated Buredoran with a powerful kick and Powereddark with an electric energy blast from the mouth, Moune accepted the Mystic Brother's as a miracle none the less.

Eri was very surprised when she saw the Mystic Brothers becoming giant to prepare to combine with Gosei Great into Mystic Gosei Great.

Mystic Gosei Great

TSG-Mystic Gosei Great
Mystic Gosei Great
Combined From:
Length: 25.5 m
Width: 42 m
Height: 44 m
Weight: 2800 tons
Speed: 450 km/h
Power: 14,500,000

After combining with the Mystic Brothers, Gosei Great becomes Mystic Gosei Great (ミスティックゴセイグレート Misutikku Gosei Gurēto?). The Mystic Runner attaches to Gosei Great's left shoulder and the two halves of the Egg Headder attach to its feet, forming a shoulder-mounted flail. For its finishing attack the Mystic Strike (ミスティックストライク Misutikku Sutoraiku?), the Egg Headder encapsulates the opponent and when the egg opens again the monster is trapped in a buble that promptly destroys it. First seen in Epic 13.

Mystic Datas Hyper

TSG-Mystic Datas Hyper
Mystic Datas Hyper
Combined From:
Width: 33.0 m
Height: 59.0 m
Weight: 2600 tons
Speed: 800 km/h
Power: 13,500,000

Mystic Datas Hyper (ミスティックデータスハイパー Misutikku Dētasu Haipā?) is the combination of Datas Hyper and the Mystic Brothers. The two halves of the Egg Headder cover Datas Hyper's hands and allow it to shoot out blasts of energy, while the Mystic Runner attaches to the top of Datas Hyper, enabling him to fly like a helicopter.

Gosei Card

Mystic Brother card

Summon Card

This Gosei Card is used by the Goseigers to summon the Mystic Brothers.


  • The Mystic Brothers is, as of now, the only ostrich based mecha in the whole Super Sentai franchise.
  • Mystic Brothers has no counterpart in Power Rangers Megaforce.

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