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Mmpr Badge of Darkness

Badge of Darkness

Mmpr Putty Patrol Badges

A Putty receives his Badge of Darkness.

Six Putty Patrollers were chosen to use the Badges of Darkness, a powerful pseudo morphing device to become the Mutant Rangers. Goldar put them through a training course which involved those Putties learning how to fight like the Power Rangers. However, Goldar destroyed Putty #6 because of its clumsiness (while sending his remains back to Finster's clay pot) as well as the Red Badge of Darkness. Without a Red Mutant, Rita had Finster create Commander Crayfish to lead them. When "morphed", the Mutants could mimic the voice of their opposing Ranger. The Mutants even had their own Power Blaster, which Zordon countered by giving the Power Rangers stronger versions of their old weapons. In a Blaster vs. Blaster fight, the new weapons proved too much for Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers. The female Mutant Rangers were destroyed, while the rest became giant from Rita's magic. The Power Rangers summoned the Ultrazord and destroyed Crayfish and the male Mutant Rangers.

Mutant Rangers

Crayfish Commander Crayfish
Red Mutant Ranger (comics only)
Mastodon Black Mutant Ranger
Triceratops Blue Mutant Ranger
Sabertooth Tiger Yellow Mutant Ranger
Pterodactyl Pink Mutant Ranger
Dragonzord Green Mutant Ranger
MMPR Season 1 - Mutant Rangers Morph

MMPR Season 1 - Mutant Rangers Morph

Mutant Ranger Calls


Mmpr green mutant

Green Mutant Ranger

  • The Mutant Rangers are identical to their ranger counterpart's designs with some exceptions such as the design of their gloves, belts and boots being those of Putty Patrollers.
  • The weapons used by the Mutant Rangers appear to be generic versions of their counterparts weapons, with Commander Crayfish using a sword similar to Jason's. The Green Mutant Ranger does not use a generic version of the Dragon Dagger, instead being armed with the Sword of Darkness, or at the very least a replication of it. The Mutant Rangers are also not armed with Blade Blasters.
  • The Mutant Rangers morph and pose is the same as their Ranger counterparts, but using the Badges of Darkness instead of the normal Morpher. 


  • Commander Crayfish and the other Mutant Rangers used the civilian weapons from Zyuranger. The Blade Blaster formation using these weapons was not seen in Zyuranger however.
  • With no red Mutant Ranger, Commander Crayfish takes on the Red role not only in being the Mutants' leader, but he also mimics Jason's pre-battle pose during the Mutant Ranger roll call, and wields a sword. The would-be Red Mutant was a darker grey then most Putties.
  • The Mutant Rangers are the first Evil Ranger Team to not be a copy of their rival team although they have similar suits.
  • The Mutant Rangers are voiced by their counterparts' actors using sinister versions of their normal voices.
  • The Mutant Rangers have two different Morphing sequences. The first involves placing the Badge of Darkness over their belts, which transforms them in a manner similar to how the Power Rangers de-morphed in Green with Evil Part V: Breaking the Spell. Their second Morphing sequence mimics the Zyuranger transformation sequence, involving thrusting their Badges of Darkness forward and spinning them 180 degrees, after which the gems on the badges glow before morphing the putties.
  • The Pink and Yellow Mutant Rangers are never seen actually being destroyed, rather they simply fly into the air after being blasted by the Power Blaster and are not seen again afterwards.
  • The Green Mutant Ranger had the ability to project a green energy attack from the diamond on its shield, an ability the Green Ranger was never seen to have, although he was able to protect an energy shield from this area when fighting Jason in Green With Evil.
  • The Mutant Ranger costumes appear to be made of cloth rather than spandex, most visibly when the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers attack Kimberly and Tommy in original footage.
  • The Mutant Rangers appear in the Boom! Studios comics with a Red Mutant Ranger.

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