This article is about a/an ally in Power Rangers RPM.

Murdoch or Commander Murdoch was an active solider in the army, before Venjix took over the Earth. He was captured by Venjix before he could make it to Corinth. He was forced to work in a factory in the wastelands. While he was there, Venjix began infected humans with the Venjix virus. He escaped with some other workers but was found by Tenaya 7. He and the other workers were forced to rejoin the worker ranks. Scott and Gem notice them from a cliff. The two decided to rescue all of the refugees, by acting as refugees themselves. As they are being led to the vehicle, Murdoch asks Scott and Gem if they are soldiers. He tells them he was part of the 10th Battalion. He tells them to make a run for Corinth and get help. Scott refuses. Murdoch says it’s their only chance and he quickly goes off to create a distraction, starting a fight with a couple of grinders. Scott tells Gem not to move as Murdoch hold his own against the grinders.

They overrun Murdoch and Tenaya comes over disappointed, “Shame. You would’ve made such a good hybrid.” She is about to finish him off, but at the last minute, Scott decides, to save him. They run towards them and morph. They fight the army of grinders and tell the other refugees to run for safety. Scott goes for Tenaya and they battle. He sends her flying and the medal falls to the ground. Scott and Gem power down. Murdoch thanks them, and they all head to Corinth. When they arrive, Col. Truman recognizes Commander Murdoch and salutes him. The Colonel tells him that he’s a lucky man to have survived in the wastelands. Murdoch says it wasn’t luck. He was rescued by a young man and points to Scott who is being thanked by the other prisoners they saved. Truman notices his son.