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"Empress Rita. What's up?"
―Mr. Ticklesneezer talking to Rita Repulsa[src]

Character History

A rather friendly and timid troll-like elf monster that was originally a doll owned by Trini Kwan. In her dream, Mr. Ticklesneezer was brought to life by Squatt using a formula on it. His specialty was collecting.

Mr. Ticklesneezer enjoyed collecting large objects (or "goodies") such as vehicles and buildings inside his small glass bottles. Rita Repulsa wanted to use these skills to capture the Power Rangers and the world. When Mr. Ticklesneezer fought the Megazord, he realized the difficulty he had caused everyone, and returned everything he collected as Trini's dream ended.

Powers and Abilities


  • Can absorb objects with various glass bottles.


  • Mr. Ticklesneezer's monster suit was later recolored and equipped with a Santa Claus-like suit in order to create Grumble the Elf.

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