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Mr. Caplan is the principal of Angel Grove High School. He alternated between being well-meaning and strict, but in some episodes he seemed more as a secondary antagonist, generally treating all of the students badly (a la Lamar Bone from Doug). Depicted as the stereotypical "mean principal"; he even comes across as emotionally, verbally, and even physically abusive to the students at times, especially to Bulk and Skull and once to the Ranger teens (he even shoved Kimberly to the point of choking her when she tried to escape the detention room in A Bad Reflection on You). He is notable for frequently putting Bulk and Skull in detention (so much in fact, that in Rangers Back in Time after the time regression spell was broken he considered charging them rent, not remembering ever putting them in detention in the first place nor any events that occurred during the regression), and once falsely did the same to the Power Rangers, preventing them from performing their duties. He occasionally had some animosity towards Jason, as shown in "Teamwork" and "Food Fight", for an unexplained reasons. He is also shown to get mad at some of the teachers, like in one instance In "Return of an Old Friend", after Bulk and Skull's parents start a food fight, he scolds Ms. Appleby for not putting a stop to the food fight.

Mr. Caplan's other main characteristic is that he wears an obvious and badly fitting wig which has a tendency to fall off (usually as a result of Bulk and Skull's pranks).

From "Rita's Seed of Evil" to "Crystal of Nightmares", he filled in as teacher for Ms. Appleby's class.

The education award Alyssa Enrilé received in "A Father's Footsteps" was possibly[1] named after him, implying that he is famous despite being abusive.

The character's final appearance is in the episode "Carlos And The Count", and he is never seen nor mentioned again after this point due to him being written off of the show. He never appears in the following seasons as a result, leaving his ultimate fate left unanswered. This is unknown if he ever changed his attitude or personality for better (which is quite unlikely).

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Mr. Caplan is quite abusive towards students and often treats them very badly. He abuses students verbally, emotionally and even physically. He has bad relationships with most of the students, especially with the Rangers, Bulk and Skull. As aforementioned, in "Return of an Old Friend", after Bulk and Skull's parents start a food fight, he scolds Ms. Appleby for not putting a stop to the food fight, meaning that he doesn't get along well with the teaching staff very much either.

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  • Though "Food Fight" is the first episode to air that has Mr. Caplan, "Teamwork" predates the episode as it's the episode where the Rangers get their Power Weapons, although the character is not named.
  • Overzealous is presumably the kindest word to describe Caplan since he gives detentions for things often out of the victim's control.



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